Installing flarum on netcup shared hosting

To successfully install the forum software flarum on netcups shared hosting, a few unintuitive steps are nesseccary. Install composer To have the php composer binary availabe on your ssh command line, you have to download it manually and put it into your PATH environment variable. Since you cannot write to any folders already present in … Weiterlesen

Quickstart with GatsbyJS

This is a tl;dr of the official Gatsby tutorial that you can find here. If you want to dive deeper into Gatsby, go and read that tutorial on your own, as it’s quite good and offers more detail and step-by-step instructions to follow along. Requirements NodeJS >=12.13 Git VS Code (obviously) Gatsby CLI vianpm install … Weiterlesen

Publish your flutter app with GitLab CI automatically

Publishing your app by hand every time is quite a tedious task. It is also error prone, not fun and this leads to you not doing it as often as you should. Because small, frequent releases are good.

We will change this now by creating a GitLab CI pipeline that lets you deliver your flutter app – or any android app really – automatically to Google Play.


Open links in browser with flutter

When using the url_launcher package for flutter, you may have run into the problem that canLaunch always returns false. That’s because starting with Android 11 (API level 30) you have to explicitly request to „see“ other apps from yours. This is called package visibility and is explained in more detail here. So we have to … Weiterlesen

Uberliste – Start der Closed Beta!

Es ist soweit!
Nach Monaten der Arbeit tritt die Android-Version unserer neuesten und ersten App „Uberliste“ in die Beta-Phase ein 🙂
Wir laden dich ganz herzlich ein und freuen uns auf alle, die an dem Test teilnehmen und uns helfen, unser Angebot zu testen und zu verbessern.


Was ist eine Beta und wofür braucht man das?

[:de]Gerade wer nicht mit der Entwicklung von Software vertraut ist, mag sich vielleicht fragen, was eine „Beta“, eine „Beta-Phase“ oder ein „Beta-Test“ ist. Mit diesem Artikel wollen wir ein wenig Licht ins Dunkel bringen und dir erklären, warum dies eine gute Sache ist, bei der alle Beteiligten nur gewinnen können.