Based in Kiel, Germany we’re single-handedly developing applications for mobile devices and services for the web since 2015. As a creative collective of individual entrepreneurs, developers and designers we realize our own innovative ideas with love for detail.

Without pressure from clients or customers, we work by only one motto: “When it’s done!”

fascination app

We love developing beautiful and simple apps for mobile devices.

Thanks to smartphone, tablet, smartwatch & co. we as software engineers can get as near to our users as never before. What previously had to be used on a monitor with mouse and keyboard is now only a few moves away in your pocket, always available and literally touchable.

This allows the software to reach and support the user with nearly every activity.

usability and design

Nobody likes ugly apps. Period.
For that reason we attach great importance to excellent usability and an appealing design. Therefore we make heavy use of mockups and usability tests in all phases of our development cycle.

This recipe becomes noticable in the results of our work. With our simple and highly usable user interfaces we achieve a user acceptance that offers unequalled opportunities.

Keep off!

for your eyes only

Today you can never be sure who else wants to get access to your precious data.

Therefore we only run servers of providers in germany that are bound to the german privacy law.

Furthermore we are very sparing when it comes to gathering data for the use of our services and always encrypt password according to the latest security standards. You probably will only need a mail address for most of our services … and that does not even have to be legit.


We love our planet, it’s the only one we’ve got … yet.

Here at we set our focus on sustainability. Be it the purpose of our products or the choice of our service providers.
All of our servers are powered by eco-friendly hydroelectric power.

100% Ökostrom