Uberliste is an elegant, minimalistic ToDo app, with which you can manage your tasks in well-arranged lists and share them with your friends. This way you always have an overview of your current ToDos and your head free for other things.

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minimalistic and beautiful interface

Nobody likes ugly and cluttered interfaces! Therefore Uberliste does not have such.
The user interface of Uberliste is simple, elegant and reduced to the basics to live up to our minimalistic approach.

share lists with your friends

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could accumulate all the errands for the next party or the next dinner in a list and share them with you friends, flat mates or your family?

With Uberliste you can!

Invite other Uberliste users to your lists with a few simple steps, where they can contribute from now on.

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complete history

Especially big lists with many users can get confusing fairly quickly.
Every list within Uberliste therefore provides a complete history of all activities, so every action can be tracked and nothing gets lost.
Never miss anything!

forever free

We don’t believe in the obligation to pay once or repeatedly. Uberliste will therefore stay free of charge … forever.

But we too need to earn money to pay for our bills and the things on our shopping lists. Thus we’re showing you an unobtrusive advertisement.

real-time notifications

In our fast moving time being connected and informed is everything.
You will be notified about every activity in your lists via real-time push notifications and will never miss anything.

These notifications do not contain any viable information from your lists. Those are solely loaded via encrypted connections directly from our servers.

privacy and permissions

Made by germans and ran in germany – it won’t get any more trustworthy!

We do not demand any real names, no connection to social networks and no dubious phone permissions. And we hate those who do!

anything else?

We love feedback, that’s how we get better!
You’ve got a question? You dislike something? You’ve got a cool idea how we can improve Uberliste?

Please send us a mail via the feedback functionality in the menu area of the app 🙂

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